Swedish Companies Boost Gender Diversity for Leaders

More than a third of board members and a quarter of executives in large corporations are female.

Female leadership in Sweden continues to grow, and large-cap companies are ahead of the pack.

In fact, 33.9% of companies on the Nasdaq Stockholm index have women on their boards. Businesses with women executives stand at 23.2%.  

Gothenburg-based AP2 ($39.8 billion), one of  Sweden’s five funds that back up its national pension system, noted that 37.7% of corporate boards and 25.8% of executives in Sweden’s large-cap companies are female.

“I think it shows that nominating committees and companies are well on the way to achieving gender equality on boards and management groups,” Eva Halvarsson, AP2’s chief executive, said in a statement.

Halvarsson predicted that in 12 years, boards will be 50% women, but it will take executive positions 24 years to see the same growth.

According to the index, 28 women chair these companies. In 2017, only 19 held that position. Female CEOs are also up, from to 27 from15.

Of the 320 companies in AP2’s survey, 243 have at least 25% of women on their boards. In 2017, 224 companies met the same criteria.

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