TD Asset Management Launches Two Funds

Fund manager debuts dividend growth fund, and small-cap equity fund.

TD Asset Management Inc., which manages TD Mutual Funds, has launched two new funds: a US equity fund, and a North American small-cap equity fund.

The TD US Dividend Growth Fund will be overseen by portfolio manager David Sykes, a managing director at TD Asset Management, with a management team that includes Damian Fernandes and Benjamin Gossack. The fund is modeled after Sykes’ mandate of investing in successful, dividend-paying companies, and is intended to complement TD’s existing range of dividend-related funds.

“The new TD US Dividend Growth Fund seeks to deliver income and capital growth and is made up of some of the most profitable and distinguished US companies,” said Sykes in a statement. “Stocks for this fund will be meticulously selected, with a focus on companies that have a sustainable competitive advantage and grow free cash flow. Additionally, the fund’s reinvested dividends can act as a portfolio buffer in volatile market conditions. All these qualities can help manage volatility while aiming to maximize performance.”

The other new fund, the TD North American Small-Cap Equity Fund, is managed by Jean Masson, who will be accompanied by Vice President and Director Julien Palardy. The fund’s investment objective is to seek long-term capital growth by investing primarily in equity securities of small- or medium-sized issuers in North America.

Using a quantitative strategy developed by Masson and his team, the fund invests in small-cap companies from Canada and the US that the firm says have a history of steady growth, sustainable leverage, and are expected to outperform the market.

“The TD North American Small-Cap Equity Fund focuses specifically on small-cap stocks from Canada and the US with a proven track record of steady growth, along with companies that have made efficient use of their capital,” said Masson. “With a risk-adjusted focus, the fund can provide broad portfolio diversification for investors, while seeking to maximize returns.”

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