Temer Administration Still Adamant on Brazilian Pension Reform in 2018

Presidential poll leader awaiting Wednesday trial.

In an interview with Brazilian newspaper Folha de S. Paulo, President Michel Temer was adamant about his administration passing his controversial pension reform.

Temer not only had high hopes for the reform’s approval, but also disclosed that some congressmen had changed their minds.

The proposal, which would to raise the country’s retirement and social security collection ages in order to cut its vast budget deficit, has been delayed over the past year due to corruption scandals, the president’s surgery last month, and a variety of other issues. The bill is also facing more issues getting passed this year due to the presidential election. Polls show former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva is currently in the lead. Lula has been convicted with corruption and is awaiting trial Wednesday, which will determine if he will be allowed to run in October or face jail time.

Reuters reports that while Temer is not running for re-election, he is hoping Lula loses his battle on the political playing field as opposed to the judicial system.

“We have to admit that if (Lula) were to be politically defeated, it would be better than being beaten (in a court), because he would be victimized,” Temer told Reuters. “Victimization is not good for a country and not good for a former president.”

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