Top 20 Corporate CIOs

2019’s most innovative and influential corporate women and men.

Mined from our Power 100 list, here are our top 20 corporate CIOs, factored from an equation considering industry influence, innovation, collaboration, talent development, fund size, and time spent as allocators:


  1. Robin Diamonte, corporate vice president and chief information officer, United Technologies Corp. (Hartford, Connecticut-USA)
  2. Eloy Lindeijer, chief investment management, PGGM (Zeist, Netherlands-Europe)
  3. Vincent Morin, president, pension investments, Air Canada (Montreal, Quebec-Canada)
  4. Susan Ridlen, assistant treasurer and CIO, Eli Lilly (Indianapolis -USA)
  5. Charles VanVleet, CIO/assistant treasurer, Textron (Providence, Rhode Island-USA)
  6. Harshal Chaudhari, CIO, General Electric (Boston-USA)
  7. Robert Hunkeler, vice president, investments-International Paper (Memphis, Tennessee-USA)
  8. Jonathan Glidden, managing director, pensions, Delta Air Lines (Atlanta-USA)
  9. Doug Brown, senior vice president/CIO, Exelon (Chicago-USA)
  10. Sanjay Chawla, CIO, FM Global (Johnston, Rhode Island-USA)
  11. Jeff Lewis, CIO, Federal Express (Memphis Tennessee-USA)
  12. Andrew Ward, CIO, Boeing (Chicago-USA)
  13. Barry Kenneth, CIO, Pension Protection Fund (London-Europe)
  14. Richard Williams, CIO, RPMI Railpen (London-Europe)
  15. Ian McKinlay, CIO, Lloyds Banking Group (London-Europe)
  16. Kathleen Lutito, president/CIO, CenturyLink Investment Management (Denver-USA)
  17. Claus Stampe, CIO-PensionDanmark (Copenhagen-Europe)
  18. Bill Hammond, CIO, AT&T (Dallas-USA)
  19. Robert Waugh, CIO, RBS (London-Europe)
  20. Steven Daniels, CIO, Tesco Pension Investment (London-Europe)


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