Thought Leadership

Emerging Markets: Time for a Breakout?

Emerging market equities have substantially underperformed developed market equities over the past decade, but analysts and portfolio managers at Invesco believe that trend could be set to reverse. To find out why—and what distinguishes the investment management firm’s approach to emerging markets—CIO recently spoke to senior portfolio managers Jeff Feng and Matt Peden of Invesco. Feng focuses on Invesco’s emerging markets select equity and international select equity strategies, while Peden focuses on the firm’s international select equity and European select equity strategies.

Where Next for Interest Rate Hedging Strategies?

Managing your pension deficit is more challenging today than in years gone by. As rates have fallen, the dollar value of liabilities has gone up tremendously – while asset values are highly volatile and are also being spent down at an increasing rate.

Office Demand After COVID: Threat or Opportunity for Real Estate Investors?

After watching their employees successfully work from home during the COVID-19 pandemic, a number of CEOs might plan to adopt that model permanently. While this may temper demand for office space, the long-term viability of the concept is unproven. To find out how it might all play out and what it means for investors, Chief Investment Officer spoke recently with William Pattison, head of real estate research at MetLife Investment Management, and his colleague Mark Wilsmann, head of real estate equity strategies.

Factors first: a risk-based approach to harnessing alternative sources of income

Institutional investors can enhance their ability to capitalize on the yield and diversification benefits of alternatives universe. This approach allows investors to stitch together multi-asset portfolios in a more efficient, coherent way. Executing this, however is no simple task. If done incorrectly, investors risk negating some of the diversification benefits that make alternatives such valuable contributors to stronger, more resilient portfolios.