Thought Leadership

Taming Data: How CIOs Can Leverage Technology to Improve Their Operations

CIOs today have access to unprecedented volumes of data that can help in exploring and implementing investment ideas, vetting and monitoring investment managers and overseeing portfolios. But many lack the systems they need to take maximum advantage of the data available to them—or the insights that data could deliver.

Drilling Down for Diversification

Diagnostics help investors see beyond the asset-class level through a factor lens, and identify unintended risk

What CIOs Want and Need from Asset Managers

Beyond investment management, CIOs are looking for their asset managers to become partners in setting strategy and managing risk.

Managing Pension Risk

How Plan Sponsors Are Using LDI and Alternatives

Fixed income markets and the derisking decision: An LDI update

There's a lot happening in the fixed income markets and corporate plan sponsors have questions. For some answers, we spoke to three members of our LDI Team — Co-Chair Amy Trainor and Portfolio Managers Connor Fitzgerald and Schuyler Reece.


Seven Key Questions Plan Sponsors Are Asking

Is your plan’s return-seeking portfolio built for what comes next?

Many corporate pensions limit their return-seeking assets to traditional equities. But what happens when the market environment is unfavorable for this asset class? We think plans need to examine this vulnerability and consider constructing return-seeking portfolios with three building blocks that may help pursue funded-ratio growth while mitigating funded-ratio drawdowns in more challenging environments.