Building a Business Case for a Multi-Asset Class Portfolio Management Platform

5 Steps to Getting Consensus on Technology Selection and Accelerating Value

Is the better part of your day is spent toggling between Excel spreadsheets, PDFs and systems, to collect, aggregate, analyze and report on your multi-asset class portfolio? Or, perhaps you’re using one or more clunky, asset class-specific applications that weren’t designed to meet the unique challenges of asset allocators and owners and aren’t giving you the complete picture of your investment portfolio? Or you’re struggling to get the holistic picture you need to make the best investment decisions over a strategic horizon?

If you’re like most organizations in the limited partner (LP) community, an accurate, single source view of your multi-asset class portfolio data simply doesn’t exist.

Your operations team dedicates days – maybe even weeks – each quarter to manually gathering and generating investment portfolio data and manipulating it into usable reports. Your investment team is relying on these reports to make sound, strategic decisions– but both teams lack confidence that the information at hand is correct.

These aren’t just outlier scenarios – these are real-life challenges that LPs and asset allocators face every day.

When you rely on multiple spreadsheets and systems to manage a large-scale investment portfolio across a myriad of asset classes – including complex alternative investments such as hedge funds, private equity and real estate –you are susceptible to inaccuracies and putting your organization at risk.

Human error, duplicate data, outdated information and disparate systems are keeping you from growth and success. You’re bogged down doing manual data compilation and report manipulation every single day, month and/or quarter. In this mode, you simply cannot achieve the efficiency, agility, scalability or visibility needed to deliver on client and stakeholder expectations.

The status quo is no longer acceptable. But how do you justify investing in a solution to solve these mission-critical challenges?

In this guide, you’ll learn:

  • How a system built for multi-asset class portfolio management can address your current challenges
  • 5 steps for building a business case to justify the investment
  • 8 key requirements your multi-asset class portfolio management platform – and vendor – must have for optimal success
  • A framework for conducting a return on investment (ROI) analysis
  • How your organization can leverage technology to improve data accuracy and make smarter, more informed investment decisions

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