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January 4, 2023
Investors Worldwide Agreed to Class Action Litigation Settlements Totaling More than $7.4 Billion in 2022
Totals rose more than 75% from 2021, here are top ten settlements by amount. 
Museum of Modern Art Names Lou Fernandes as New CIO
Next investment chief comes from New York University’s endowment.
Best Practices for CIO Succession Planning Require Long-Term Preparation
ESG Themes to Be Aware of in 2023
M&A Deals Predicted to Increase in 2023, Survey Shows
Inside or Outside? Where Do Successful CIO Candidates Come From?
No Smoke and Mirrors Here: Good ESG Ratings Help Stock Prices, Bad Grades Hurt Them
Amid a Dark Night of Hacks, Cybersecurity Stocks’ Prospects Look Bright
Network breaches are becoming all too common, so the defenders at the ramparts are now a must-have service.
2023 CIO Allocator Insights Webinar Series: Diversification

Join CIO January 19 for a discussion about how institutional investors use different asset classes——and managers——to create a diversified portfolio. 

Trending: Howard Marks: A ‘Sea Change’ Has Come to Investing
Risk aversion and higher rates are now embedded features, which has big implications, the celebrated investor says.
Trending: What Were the 10 Best Stocks in the Last 5 Years?

Not all of them are the FAANGs, like pharma firm Eli Lilly.

Industry Intel Roundup—Featured Webcasts
Chief Investment Officer is pleased to present the next edition of our Industry Intelligence roundup. This week, we are featuring webcasts sponsored by experienced providers in the industry. The content was created to educate, inform and offer ideas for plan sponsors regarding plan design, investing, administration and compliance.
2023 CIO Allocator Insights Webinar Series: Diversification
Investors are told to diversify their portfolios to reduce risk—using uncorrelated investments ensures that when some are down, others are up. However, that’s been harder to do in this market environment. For institutional investors with a long-term view toward guaranteeing payments to retirees or endowed institutions, achieving diversification means something different than a balance of stocks and bonds. Join CIO for a discussion about how different institutional investors use different asset classes—and managers—to create a diversified portfolio.
2023 CIO Allocator Insights Webinar Series: OCIO
Institutional asset owners have shifted nearly $4 trillion to outsourced chief investment officers, and there are more than 100 providers of the service. Strategies vary, but how should allocators measure the performance they are getting from those providers? There is a suite of indexes that track OCIO returns and at least one ETF, while the CFA Institute in 2022 launched an effort to create GIPS standards to do just that. Join CIO for the second iteration of its Allocator Insights webinar series in 2023 to learn about best practices for evaluating OCIO performance and comparing the services different providers can add to an institutional investment office. Expect to hear about the challenges and opportunities of different OCIO models and tips for monitoring an OCIO.
2023 CIO Allocator Insights Webinar Series: ESG
Environmental, social and governance investing is a goal of many fund allocators; however, it has faced backlash in several states. The best approach is to explore what constitutes an allocator’s fiduciary duty, consultants say. Join CIO for a discussion about what an allocator’s fiduciary duty is; how to approach ESG with political controversy in mind and the value ESG investing could bring to a portfolio.
2023 CIO Allocator Insights Webinar Series: Consultants
How much difference does engaging an investment consultant make to an institutional investor’s performance? How do allocators measure the effectiveness of their consultant? When is it time to search for a new consultant, and what should allocators look for in their search? These questions and more will be answered in the final webinar in CIO’s Allocator Insights series for 2023.
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