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October 7, 2020
Don’t Sweat the Stimulus Delay, Morgan Stanley Sage Says

Trump’s axing relief package talks till after the election won’t harm the recovery, Mike Wilson argues.

Don’t Miss Ash Williams, Doug Brown, Chris Ailman, Robin Diamonte, David Holmgren, and Leading CIOs at CIO Summit

This is the last week to register, and in our new virtual world, learning from trusted sources is as important as ever. Award-winning CIOs have signed up to share sage advice and lessons learned for the sake of our CIO community, including Sanjay Chawla, Gary Draghi, Mark Fawcett, Marcus Frampton, Jim Grossman, Walter Kress, Juan Martinez, Sam Masoudi, Charmel Maynard, Cliff Moore, Molly Murphy, Brian Pellegrino, and Joel Wittenberg, as well as rising star allocators Kelli Washington and Brandon Gill.

Register now for the CIO Summit Oct 13-16.

Exclusive Interview: Ted Aronson Will Shutter His Value-Oriented Firm
OECD Report Outlines Challenges Facing ESG Investing
New Mexico Teachers’ Pension to Divest from Private Prisons
During the Great Financial Crisis, Overly Optimistic Ratings Helped Kill the Market. Could It Be Happening Again?
SEC, SDNY Charge Seismic Data Firm in $100 Million Accounting Fraud
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The Acceleration of ESG in the COVID-19 Era

ESG investing is poised to become even more critical moving forward as the COVID-19 pandemic has yielded wide-ranging political, regulatory, economic, and social effects across the globe.

PBGC to Allow Greater Flexibility for Variable-Rate Premium Filings

Agency said move was needed because CARES Act didn’t provide special rules for PBGC premiums.

Aiming to Boost Diversity, Canadian Institutions to Monitor Corporate Behavior

A group of funds holding roughly $2.3 trillion say they will make demands on companies whose stocks are in their portfolios.

Cambridge University to Divest from Fossil Fuels by 2030

University also vowed to reduce its greenhouse gas emission to zero by 2038.

Allstar Knowledge Broker Insights: Aon Hewitt's Russ Ivinjack

The consultant helped prepare plans for opportunistic credit strategies.

In Focus: Navigating the Two Worst Months for Stocks

Calendar effect: Why September has the worst returns, and October the most volatility and market plummets.

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