aiCIO's Year in Review: A Profile of No One

Why it's important: Because nearly everywhere except America sees pension funds moving into environmental, social, and governance investing – and every year this trend continues, America is left further behind.

aiCIO’s Year in Review: It's Raining in Pittsburgh

Why it's important: Not because Pittsburgh’s lost pension is unto itself an essential story -- but because it is a canary in the coalmine for the entirety of America’s public pension system.

Is Private Equity Back?

A reported $15 billion fund raised by New York-based Blackstone Group may signal the resurgence of a much-maligned investment strategy.

Despite Recent Raids, Hedge Funds May Escape Fed Supervision

According to an anonymous source familiar with the Federal Reserve’s thinking, hedge funds, beset with recent worries, are likely to escape the key “systemically important” designation that would be accompanied by rigorous Fed oversight.

Photo Gallery: aiCIO Industry Innovation Awards

On December 2, 2010, aiCIO hosted asset owners and asset managers from across the globe for our inaugural Industry Innovation Awards. See who was in attendance – and who won awards – via our photo gallery.

The Social Network/Accidental Billionaires: The Story & Myth of Facebook, Reviewed by Editor-in-Chief Kip McDaniel

[Disclaimer: I must admit that I am entirely biased with regards to this review. The now-famous Winklevoss twins and I were classmates at university and rowed on the same crew team for four years, which is important because it was during this time that they became entwined with – or invented, depending on who is to be believed –Facebook. I consider them good friends. Thus, I naturally lean towards one side of the argument more than another.]

The Quants, Reviewed by Editor-at-Large Joe Flood

Scott Patterson's book serves as something of a corrective to the prevailing narrative on Wall Street over the past few decades—that raw cognitive abilities and ever more complex mathematical models will smooth out risk and bring us the Great Moderation.