White Paper

Emerging Markets and Covid-19: Crisis or opportunity…or both?

2020 will be a challenging moment for Emerging Markets’ economies. But there will likely be a wide open Emerging Markets “door” that sees governments fall back on privatisation to bridge fiscal holes. In an environment of tight domestic monetary conditions and reduced cross border flows, the buyers of these assets have considerable advantage.

Meditations in an emergency

Multi-Asset Strategist Adam Berger discusses the macro and market impact of the coronavirus and offers his "playbook" for the coming weeks and months, including thoughts on rebalancing and opportunistic investments.

The Power of Portfolio Flexibility

Many investment managers apply strict portfolio constraints under the guise of risk management best practices. This paper examines the costs of those investment constraints and how an unconstrained investment approach can be key in generating long-term excess returns.

The China Position

Gauging institutional investor confidence in their strategy for entering this growing market