From ai5000 Magazine: Bob Reynolds, CEO, Putnam Investments

Reynolds, following two decades at cross-town rival Fidelity, was lured to Putnam to turn around the once-ailing firm. With its mutual fund business once again on the rise, the next question is: What can Putnam do for the world's largest asset owners?

From ai5000 Magazine: Controverse à la Caisse

Fund loses billions in public money. Retirees worry about rent payments. Managers rake in million. Public is outraged. Rinse. Repeat. A look at Quebec’s Caisse de Depot pension fund. Jordan Milne reports.

From ai5000 Magazine: Wealth in Sin

During the best of times and the worst of times, people will continue to drink, smoke, gamble and fight. Here’s an assessment of the Vice Fund portfolio, firsthand. Paula Vasan reports.

Canada Pension Bids $3.4 Billion for Intoll Group

The conditional offer marks the Toronto-based fund manager's second attempt to purchase an Australian toll road operator, following a failed bid to take control of Transurban Group in May.

OECD Pensions Remain Nearly 10% Below Pre-Crisis Levels

A study shows that even though pension assets in Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) countries remain below December 2007 levels, some countries. such as Hungary and Norway, have already recuperated completely from 2008 losses.

US Pension Deficits Near Record High

A new study by consulting firm Mercer shows US pension deficits have reached a record high, revealing a downturn in pension health that erases gains achieved since January 2009.