MassPRIM Sets Timetable to Cut Out Middlemen

MassPRIM’s board has approved a plan to choose its first 10 hedge fund managers who will manage roughly $500 million that had previously been allocated for hedge fund-of-funds.

Study: SWFs Pursue More Direct Investing

A study by Massachusetts-based Monitor Group shows that the financial crisis has spurred sovereign wealth funds to rely more on in-house assets and less on third party expertise.

Study: Institutional Investors Allocate to CTAs

Agecroft Partners is seeing widespread demand from institutional investors for Commodity Trading Advisors (CTAs) -- a sign that asset owners have overcome their historical reluctance.

PIMCo Took Large Lehman Loss, Gross Shrugs

The Wall Street Journal has reported that Pacific Investment Management Co. lost $3.4 billion on its investment in Lehman Brothers but PIMCo head Bill Gross is unconcerned.

Goldman May Challenge Senate Report

Goldman Sachs is considering releasing documents about its mortgage bets that show that the Senate subcommittee's analysis, which has prompted an investigation of the securities firm, is inaccurate and incomplete.