State Pensions Tell Oil Companies to Responsibly Prepare for the Worst

Ceres, a national network of investors, environmental organizations and other public interest groups, has kicked off a campaign among global investors with assets totaling more than $2.5 trillion, urging energy companies to be open and transparent with investors and stakeholders.

From ai5000 Magazine: Playing the Right Game

The active versus passive investment debate has raged within academic circles for decades without resolution. Unfortunately for the world’s asset owners, this has left them wondering what game—Chase alpha? Ride beta?—they should be playing.

From ai5000 Magazine: Risk Parity, or Just Risky?

The consensus: The rise of derivatives and, more recently, extreme equity volatility have driven many asset owners into the arms of risk parity vendors. The debate: Is this a good thing?

Plans Increasingly Consider Risk-Parity

Sources say the San Diego Country Employees Retirement Association is leveraging its fixed-income portfolio to create 'risk parity', continuing a trend among pension funds.

CalPERS May Cut Its Projected Rate-of-Return

The giant pension fund’s potential decision to slash its rate of return could force California governments to struggle paying millions more each year to provide employees with pensions.