SEI: Even Lower Interest Rates ‘Quite Possible’

SEI's Ashish Kapur won't predict when interest rates will rise, but advises institutional investors to ride out the low rates through allocations in long-duration bonds, emerging market debt, and high-yield bonds.

Buyouts Level Off in Favor of ‘Cheaper’ Buy-Ins

Buyout volumes cooled off in the opening quarter of 2012, while insurers got creative with terms and de-risking strategies, according to pension de-risking consultancy JLT Pension Capital Strategies.

More Rate Pain Due for Investors?

Recessions are rife in the developed world, but will the efforts to kick-start growth spell more pain for investors with liabilities?

Size of GM’s Pension Deal With Pru Determined Soon

By Friday, 42,000 General Motors retirees must choose whether to take a lump-sum payment or receive an annuity from Prudential Insurance, thereby determining the size and scope of the GM’s watershed pension risk transfer deal with Prudential.