LDI, But Not Now?

From aiCIO Magazine's June Issue: The secular trend in favor of LDI is gathering steam--but many plan sponsors of smaller and mid-sized corporate plans are trying to resist its lure. Benjamin Ruffel reports.

Defeating All Comers?

From aiCIO Magazine's June Issue: Norway’s sovereign fund is pioneering a new investment model based on transparency and ethics. Worthy, but is it working? ­Elizabeth Pfeuti reports.

Why Wyoming's Pension System Lost Faith in Alpha

Jeffrey Straayer, a Senior Investment Officer at the $6.5 billion Wyoming Retirement System (WRS), says that the scheme's embrace of MSCI's risk-weighted index reflects an overall skepticism of active management and a propensity toward passive.

What Do Australia's Super Funds Want?

Australia's superannuation funds have moved away from active management toward cheaper access asset classes such as equities amid limited diversification, according to a paper by Round Tower Solutions.