The Benchmark

From aiCIO Magazine's Summer Issue: Benchmarks are now etched in the stone pillars of performance.  

LDI in 2011: A Faustian Bargain?

From aiCIO Magazine's Summer Issue: CEOs are demanding that their pension funds be de-risked to avoid large contribution surprises, yet de-risking means lowering equity exposure when underfunded pensions need equity-like returns. 

Australia's Sunsuper Seeks Small Hedge Fund Managers

Bruce Tomlison, Sunsuper's portfolio manager, has expressed his support of smaller hedge fund managers in favor of larger ones; consultants have an all-embracing approach, saying "it would be foolish to completely shun the large guys."

Investment Risk and Its Many Facets

From aiCIO Magazine: Risk management as transportation metaphor: walk (minimal risk), take a car (moderate risk), or fly a plane (riskier)? And remember: wear a seatbelt.

Transition Management's Allocation Trends

 From aiCIO Magazine: For years, there's been a shift toward alternative assets, but much of the recent action in transition management is toward decreasing plans' reliance on U.S. equities—in particular, de-risking pension plans through liability-driven investing (LDI) strategies

Step Into Liquid

From aiCIO Magazine: The solution to the FX issue historically has been the standard three-month forward contract. Some funds execute this strategy internally; others outsource it.