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Navigating the “New, New Normal”

Central Banks Unwind Stimulus. Rates Rise as Stocks Rally. Dispersions are Back. All Amid Nosebleed Valuations.  What’s an asset owner to do?

Forget just navigating a low rate environment. After a year of sharp gains for risk assets, investors now must grapple with seeking returns and managing risk with all assets at frothy valuations. Add to that the changing market backdrop. Nine years after the financial crisis, the Central Bank-driven, risk on or risk off, highly correlated environment finally fractured in 2017. Central banks started taking the economy off life support. Rates rose as stocks rallied at long last – a sign that markets foresaw inflationary expansion, not just more Quantitative Easing ahead. Dispersions climbed. The US grew above trend, and there are even signs of wage inflation. Generational trends like the growth of Emerging Markets (EMs) and their consumer wealth effect are again top of mind, with EMs breezing by their Developed Market counterparts. Yet knowing where and how to invest is vital, and risks ranging from governance, politics, to currency are clear with developments in South Korea and Brazil. Call it a “New, New Normal” – a point where markets finally moved beyond the famed “New Normal” of the deflationary stagnation that defined the post financial crisis era.

Leading CIOs and senior investment decision-makers will drill down into the latest strategies being used to navigate this new, very rich, and challenging environment at the 2017 CIO Influential Investor Forum. 

This event is reserved for our asset allocator and consultant finalists of CIO’s 2017 Industry Innovation Awards, as well as past winners and select members of the Forty Under Forty, Power 100, and Knowledge Brokers lists. If you believe you qualify to attend, please request an invitation.  We also have a limited number of sponsorships available for a select group of investment management firms to attend.

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Industry Innovation Awards

December 7, 2017
New York Public Library

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