2018 Chief Investment Officer Summit

| Harvard Club of New York City

Navigating Uncharted Waters in the “New, New Normal”

Investors must challenge all their assumptions to navigate the unprecedented market conditions of the year (and decade) ahead.


Markets finally emerged from the shadows of the financial crisis last year, and investors must now navigate a New, New Normal. With central bank policy no longer driving markets, investors must focus on generational trends amid uncharted waters and nosebleed valuations that make returns hard to come by and risks abundant.


Increasing allocations to Emerging Markets – with high growth, more attractive valuations, and ascendant both on the world stage and economically – will be critical for the year. The rise of ESG investing from a “box to check” to a holistic, all-encompassing framework for evaluating investments will also take center stage. And the role of technology in both creating new investment opportunities and disrupting existing ones will only accelerate from its already breakneck pace.


Leading CIOs and senior investment decision-makers will drill down into the latest strategies being used to navigate this investment environment.

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