The Chief Investment Officer Summit

| Harvard Club of New York

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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

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    Registration and Breakfast  (Harvard Hall – Grill Room)
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    Welcome Remarks: Jonathan Watkins, Global Editor, Strategic Insight
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    The Hot Seat: CIOs and Asset Management

    Winners and finalists of the CIO Industry Innovation Awards face a lightning round of questions (none of which they’ll know beforehand) on the pan-portfolio benefits they demand, and receive, when interacting with today’s best asset management partners.

    David Holmgren, CIO, Hartford HealthCare

    Tim Barrett, CIO, Texas Tech University System
    Craig Barker, CIO, University of Arizona Foundation
    Robert Hunkeler, VP – Investments, International Paper
    Scott Pittman, Senior Vice President/CIO, Mount Sinai Health Systems

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    Making Portfolios Great Again: Solving for a Lower Expected Return, Higher Risk World
    In this session we will address top-of-mind concerns for asset owners in the current complex market environment, and will examine solutions that could help “make portfolios great again.” Specifically, we will explore opportunities with the potential to reduce risk, enhance returns and flexibility, and lower cost ratios.

    Erik Knutzen
    , CFA, CAIA, CIO, Multi-Asset Class, Neuberger Berman 
    Doug Kramer, Co-Head of Quantitative & Multi-Asset Class Investments, Neuberger Berman 

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    Refreshment Break
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    New Paradigms in Asset Allocation

    With new investment and risk mitigation alternatives continually emerging, determining the optimal strategy has never been more challenging.

    Steven F. Charlton, Director of Consulting Services, NEPC

    Tam McVie, Investment Director, Multi-Asset Investment Specialist, Standard Life Investments
    Anthony Morris, Global Head of Quantitative Strategy, Nomura Securities International, Inc.
    Matthew Sherwood PH.D., Senior Manager, Public Markets Investments, MMBB Financial Services
    Susie Ardeshir, Investment Officer, University of California

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    Fireside Chat: Constructing Liability-Aware Investment Strategies across the Institutional Investment Landscape
    Nuveen’s Dave Wilson believes institutional investors always have a liability to manage against. These liabilities may be well-defined as is the case with pension plans or implied as is the case with endowments or foundations. Regardless, customized, outcome-based investment strategies should be constructed to maximize the probability of meeting liabilities in almost every situation. Dave offers his unique perspective on a number of new and innovative strategies that are succeeding in different types of institutional portfolios.
    Interviewer: Eric Laursen, Contributing Editor, Chief Investment Officer
    Presenter: David Wilson, Head of Institutional Solutions Group, Nuveen Investments

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    Lunch  (North and Biddle 3rd Floor)
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    Macro Investing in a Trumped Up World
    Political risk is emerging as a critical factor in every global investment decision. What happens to forecasters who make grand macro projections? How important is macro? Some people reorganized their whole portfolio because of the Trump administration. Were they overreacting to macro changes?

    Mark Baumgartner, Ph.D., CIO, Institute for Advanced Study

    Erin Browne, Managing Director and Head of Macro Investments, UBS O’Connor, UBS Asset Management
    Charles Van Vleet, Assistant Treasurer and CIO, Textron
    Danielle Singer, Portfolio Director, Multi Asset Team, Invesco

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    Adding Leverage vs. Beta in the Current Rate Environment

    In today’s economic environment of uncertainty, knowing the right levers to pull in your portfolios can mean the difference between success and failure.
    Jim Vos, CEO, Aksia

    Ian Baker, Senior Vice President, Head of Fundamental and Quantitative Research, Fidelity Institutional Asset Management
    Kane Brenan, Global Head of the Global Portfolio Solutions Group, Goldman Sachs Asset Management
    David Kelly, Partner, Aon Hewitt Investment Consulting

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    Fireside Chat: Regime Change: Portfolio Implications from Shifting Global Policies (and Policymakers)
    PineBridge Investments’ Steven Oh will discuss the transitions taking place around the world and how it will affect institutional investors in the months and years to come, including shifts in:
    – Monetary policies among global central banks
    – Political developments and fiscal policies
    – Credit market and economic cycle
    Interviewer: Jonathan Watkins, Global Editor, Strategic Insight
    Presenter: Steven Oh, CFA, Global Head of Credit and Fixed Income, PineBridge Investments

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    Refreshment Break
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    Co-investing, Making an Impact at Home
    Understanding the challenges and benefits of implementing an instate investment program, including lessons learned, targeting attractive financial returns and how to measure impact.

    David Helgerson, Managing Director, Hamilton Lane

    Ting Gootee, CIO, Elevate Ventures
    Frank McEvoy, Investment Officer, NYS Common Retirement Fund
    Susan Hammel, Executive in Residence, Minnesota Council on Foundations
    Trent Webster, Senior Investment Officer, Strategic Investments and Private Equity, Florida State Board of Administration

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    Hedge Fund Fees and Public Perception
    With internal pressures mounting, the question on whether hedge funds earning the fees they’re charging is stronger than ever. How can we reduce them? Are they still a worthy investment?

    Jim Leckinger, Senior Vice President, Institutional Consultant, Graystone Consulting, Morgan Stanley

    Britt Harris, CIO, Teacher Retirement System of Texas
    Robert ‘Vince’ Smith, CIO & Deputy State Investment Officer, New Mexico State Investment Council
    John C. Alexander Jr., Ph.D., CIO, Clemson University Foundation

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    Networking Reception (Cambridge 2nd Floor)

Thursday, May 25, 2017

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    Networking Breakfast (Harvard Hall – Grill Room)
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    How Does the Board Benchmark the Success of a CIO’s Plan
    Taking an insider’s look at the objectives and requirements boards are demanding in today’s CIO executive searches. Insight from major CIO recruitment executives.

    Eric Laursen, Contributing Editor, Chief Investment Officer

    Elizabeth Havens, Partner, David Barrett Partners
    Deb Brown, Managing Director, Asset and Wealth Management Recruiting Practice, Russell Reynolds Associates
    Jane Marcus, Senior Client Partner, Korn Ferry

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    Fireside Chat: Being Flexible When Markets Get Volatile
    A 60/40 portfolio may only generate 5.5% to 6% returns over the long term. That’s not only challenging relative to history but also low relative to return targets. In this Q&A session, Jeff Geller will discuss some of the return levers his team employs and risk management tools to help investors meet their objectives.
    Interviewer: Jonathan Watkins, Global Editor, Strategic Insight
    Presenter: Jeff Geller, CIO of Multi-Asset Solutions, J.P. Morgan Asset Management

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    Litigation Prevention:
    Up until 3 years ago only most plans only needed to be reactive. Now there is a clear need to be preventive. Over documenting, long checklists, etc.
    Presenter: Michael P. Kreps, Principal, Groom Law Group, Chartered
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    Refreshment Break
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    Fireside Chat: The New Frontier Investors: How Pension Funds, Sovereign Funds and Endowments are Changing the Business of Investment Management and Long-Term Investing
    Hosted by
    : Amrita Sareen, Contributing Editor, Chief Investment Officer
    A casual conversation with Jagdeep Singh Bachher, Chief Investment Officer and Vice President of Investments, University of California Office of the President

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    Building High-Performing Investment Offices
    There is a defined set of qualities in which most great institutions have in common—and several that failed ones share as well. How do you find great talent, keep it, and make a team more than a sum of its parts when investing beneficial assets?
    Christine Giordano,
    Editor, Chief Investment Officer

    Brian Pellegrino, CIO, United Parcel Service
    Jeanmarie Grisi, CIO, Alcatel-Lucent Investment Management Corporation, U.S.
    Scott Evans, Deputy Comptroller-Asset Management & CIO, New York City Pension Funds
    Jason Klein, SVP and CIO, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

  8. Closing Remarks
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    Networking Lunch (North and Biddle 3rd floor)

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