2021 Virtual Chief Investment Officer Symposium


Risks, Opportunities, and Smart Strongholds

CIOs around the world are facing a new growth landscape. There are plenty of questions: Will the bull market keep raging? With the virus on the run, when, how, and how fast will the economy open—and what will that mean for investments? Plus, what if, God forbid, the vaccines don’t deliver?

In order to succeed, CIOs need information. Markets show one view of the global economy, but other measures show a much different projection, making it more challenging for allocators to predict the future. The continuing pandemic and remote work, as well as a heightened focus on issues such as diversity, also present challenges building and managing the right team. 

The right forum in which to workshop solutions to these challenges is vital, and that’s what this year’s Chief Investment Officer Summit will offer you: an opportunity to hear insights from leading CIOs, both domestic and international; thought-provoking keynote speakers; and a chance to make new acquaintances and network across the industry. 

Join us for this year’s Chief Investment Officer Summit, taking place virtually from May 11 to May 14. We will be discussing investing in China, special purpose acquisition companies (SPACs), 2021’s new loved and unloved opportunities, building diversity, managing teams, interest rates, sustainable investing, and career development in a post-vaccine world. Register now to reserve your space.


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