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Learning from the Swiss

Following the Pension 2020 rejection, Swiss citizens are still grappling with pension reform—as well as a resulting tax reduction. Had the September overhaul been accepted, Pension 2020 would have...
Art by Jenice Kim

DIY Annuities Are Here

Over the past five years, plan sponsors have started to look for greater customization in LDI strategies. Private debt could be an option for plans that still have funding...
Art by Rose Wong

Timing Your LDI

Institutional investors who may be worried about writing bigger checks than they expected for their pension contributions may want to start thinking about liability-driven investing (LDI) now, before any...

Keeping Ahead of Tax Reform

A change in the corporate tax rate will have a ripple effect on LDI. CIOs need to move fast. “Some people say it differently, and they will say we...
Art by JooHee Yoon

Private Equity: Let the Good Times Roll?

Private equity chieftains are basking in the demand institutional investors are showing for their funds and aren’t shy about admitting it. “I’ve been doing this for 30 years, and...
Art by Jon Han

Litigation Gamble

Law firms are willing to pay investors triple-digit returns.

Retaining the Young

Talent retention is always one of the greatest challenges for asset owners. CIOs share how they recruit and retain emerging talent.
Art by Adam McCauley

Will GTAA Prove Itself?

GTAA, has not been standing still but has evolved in some new directions that reflect investors’ desire for a more opportunistic approach—and lower costs.