Chief Investment Officer’s eighth annual list of the world’s most influential investment consultants.

Welcome to CIO’s eighth annual Knowledge Brokers list of the industry’s top consultants. These are the liaisons for some of the most competitive portfolios in the world. They are the strategic partners skilled at matching chief investment officers with the best opportunities for a CIO’s investment mandates. They scout the globe for the most relevant investment managers and financial firms, considering fees, technology, performance, and time horizons. They discover global as well as micro-local opportunities. They spot trends and opportunities best suited to stand the test of time.

This list, curated directly from the recommendations of top chief investment officers, only includes consultants whom CIOs would recommend to their peers. There are some all-stars who have appeared on our list for years, and who have been continually recommended by CIOs. Other names are new and relatively new, but all were chosen from CIOs’ black books of favorites for the 2018/2019 year. In this year’s series, we explore their market insights for CIOs in 2019/2020.

By Christine Giordano