News Archive: Jun - 2014

Jack Gray: Fight the Power

The former CIO and now independent investment adviser wants CIOs to play the power game and be tougher on managers and pick the "bloody boring" passive route.

Plus ça Change

Editor-in-Chief Kip McDaniel on the new beginning of Chief Investment Officer Magazine—a fundamental redesign of the brand along with nips and tucks on both print and online that help us present a fresh face to the world.

Catching Up with #TheRecession

After five years of silence, #TheRecession makes a return with more of his erratic rant against bitcoin, the sequester, Silicon Valley, and the magazine.

Muppets No More

To start a magazine, it helps to be a hedgehog (if any pedants are reading this, it perhaps should be said that it helps to be like Isaiah Berlin’s hedgehog). And like that hedgehog, you need to know only one big thing, says CIO Founder Charlie Ruffel.