CIO Hosts Geopolitics Webinar at 2 p.m. ET Today

Walter Kress, Phillip Nelson, and Jason Thomas will help CIOs see around corners.

Today’s Allocator Insights webinar series will discuss geopolitics for chief investment officers. For this webinar, we’ve invited special guest Walter Kress, CIO of EY (and geopolitical buff), to interview Jason Thomas, CFA, managing director and head of global research at The Carlyle Group, and Phillip Nelson, partner, director of asset allocation at NEPC.

Kress will be drawing out information that is especially useful to help CIOs in the year ahead. The trio will dive into: What’s happening in the geopolitical landscape that could change the scene for investors? What is the best play for China this year? Which emerging markets could be frozen out, and which ones will ride a tailwind? What are some key things to note in the credit markets? They will also take live questions from the audience. To register for the 2 pm webinar, click this link.

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