CPPIB to Collaborate with Inpher to Develop Unique Dataset for Investment Forecasting

The pension fund is hoping Inpher’s technology will give them new information to beat the market.

The Canada Pension Plan Investment Board has entered into an agreement with Inpher, a company that has developed a technology to protect data while it is being analyzed. The technology, called Secret Computing, allows data analysts to run complex, collaborative, machine-learning models without compromising the data’s security.

CPP hopes that using Inpher’s technology, they will be able to develop a unique dataset that helps predict market trends and allows its investment team to perform above the market, according to the press release. Through this collaboration, CPP aims to bring together both data contributors and asset managers.

“Working with Inpher to leverage their technology to access non-public data sources aligns with our objective to enhance our informational edge and generate value for the CPP Fund over the long run,” said Daniel Wroblewski, managing director and head of CPP Investments’ Alpha Generation Lab, which looks for creative new ways to increase investment returns.

Inpher itself is a relatively new company which started in 2015. It is currently listed as a late-stage venture capital company, according to PitchBook. Its list of investors includes names like JP Morgan Chase & Co., Bowery Capital, and Alpana Ventures. 

Ultimately, CPP aims to use Inpher’s technology to analyze macroeconomic trends more quickly, predict company performance, and better understand aggregate portfolios.  

CPP is the largest pension in Canada, with approximately $440 billion (C$550 billion) in assets under management.

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