GPIF Breaks Fiscal Record in Third Quarter

Fund now stands at $1.4 trillion.

After posting gains of 6 trillion yen in Q4 2017, Japan’s Government Pension Investment Fund (GPIF) has already topped its previous annual record just three quarters into its fiscal year with gains thus far of ¥15.6 trillion ($141.3 billion) for FY2017. This topped the previous annual record of ¥15.2 trillion posted in FY2014. 

Following the nine-month ride, the fund now stands at a record high of ¥162.6 trillion ($1.4 trillion).

So far, the fund has experienced a 10.7% yield in the current fiscal year. For the third quarter, GPIF’s investment yield was at 3.92%. Japan Times contributes this to domestic and foreign equity growth.

The fund’s Q3 equity returns contributed gains of ¥3.4 trillion ($30.8 billion) from domestic stock and ¥2.1 trillion ($19 billion) from foreign equities, while GPIF’s domestic and foreign bonds reaped ¥176.4 billion ($1.6 billion) and ¥275.6 billion($2.5 billion), respectively. From interests and dividends, the fund collected a whopping ¥763.5 billion ($6.9 billion).

At the end of December, more than 50% of the portfolio consisted of equities. Bonds took up slightly more than 40%, while short-term assets filled out the remainder.

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