Last Week to Nominate Your Picks for the 2019 CIO Innovation Awards

Nominations for this year's 10th annual bash close August 3.

Photo by Margarita Corporan

For 10 years, CIO has honored the accomplishments of you, the chief investment officers, with our Industry Innovation Awards

On Thursday, December 12, at the New York Public Library, CIO will once again bring together institutional investors and those who provide for them.

It’s time to nominate deserving asset owners and asset managers/servicers for this year’s awards.

Since we started these awards in 2010, “innovation” has perhaps become an overused buzzword. While others may confuse innovation with change, we do not: Our goal is to highlight the truly innovative approaches to asset management and asset owning, separating the merely different from the meaningful. 

When nominating, ask yourselves, who has done something that is truly different, that may have changed the way we think about this business?

To nominate, please follow the survey directions here.

What You’ll Need:

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  • To make a nomination, you’ll be asked whether you’re nominating an asset owner or asset manager, the name and title of the person or entity you’re nominating, their location, email address and to choose which category they fall into.
  • The asset owner CIO categories fall into plan size and type, as well as special categories for ESG and Collaboration. Asset manager categories fall into a full array of topics of expertise. You can make more than one nomination, and you’ll do this by indicating if you’re done or ready to nominate another. Please feel free to make as many nominations as you’d like. 


To verify nominees, CIO editorial team will consult an advisory board of former and current chief investment officers, consultants and allocators including Chris Ailman of CalSTRS; Raphael Arndt of Australia’s Future Fund; Paul Ballard of Texas Treasury Safekeeping Trust Co.; Harshal Chaudhari of IBM; Dan Chu of Sierra Club; Matt Clark of South Dakota Investment Council; Anne Dinneen of Hamilton College; Jonathan Grabel of LACERA; Rosalind Hewsenian of Helmsley Charitable Trust; David Holmgren of Hartford HealthCare; Robert Hunkeler of International Paper; Kim Lew of Carnegie Corp.; Allan Martin of NEPC; Sam Masoudi  of Wyoming Retirement System; Jacque Millard of Intermountain Healthcare; Chad Myhre, Portfolio Manager of Hedge Funds and Domestic Equities, Public School and Education Employee Retirement System of Missouri (NextGeneration winner of 2018); Mansco Perry of Minnesota State Board of Investment; Susan Ridlen of Eli Lilly; Anthony Waskiewicz of Mercy Health, St. Louis.

Hartford HealthCare CIO David Holmgren will chair the board. 

Click here to view CIO’s 2018 Industry Innovation Award winners.

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