2018 Industry Innovation Awards

Celebrating the asset owners and organizations
driving innovation in institutional asset management.

  • Rosalind Hewsenian
  • Anne Dinneen
  • Susan Ridlen
    Corporate Defined Benefit Pension Plan Below $15 Billion
  • Harshal Chaudhari
    Corporate Defined Benefit Pension Plan Above $15 Billion
  • Sam Masoudi
    Public Defined Benefit Plan Below $15 Billion
  • Jonathan Grabel
    Public Defined Benefit Plan Between $15 Billion and $100 Billion
  • Chris Ailman
    Public Defined Benefit Plan Above $100 Billion
  • Anthony Waskiewicz
    Healthcare Organization
  • Robert
    Defined Contribution Plan
  • Paul Ballard
    Sovereign Wealth Fund
  • Dan Chu
  • David Holmgren
Art by John Jay Cabuay
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