Nominations Open for the CIO Power 100

Success stories sought for a truly unusual year.

Many of us are going through quite the year. And as we begin to emerge from the pandemic storm, some will be weary from the battle at sea, yet many of us will have important stories to tell and lessons to share about those who have inspired us. 

This year, at, as we prepare our Power 100 list, and look for the most innovative and inspiring CIOs, we would like to hear your stories. We’ve reached out to our advisory board of CIOs for advice on what would make the most realistic criteria for a year torn by COVID-19. They suggested: CIOs who had the strongest leadership during the crisis; who saw the biggest turnaround; who were the most collaborative with others; who communicated best with their team, committee and managers; who had the most creative repositioning of their portfolio; who performed best during the downturns; who created numerous jobs with their investment program; and, of course, those who had the best long-term performance and stayed truest to their benchmarks. We’re interested in hearing about all CIOs from public plans, private plans, sovereign wealth funds, endowments and foundations, and family offices.

As we all come together virtually with renewed appreciation for great CIO leadership in 2020, let’s do so in the spirit of encouraging each other and sharing what we’ve learned from other CIOs that has been truly helpful. And let’s give credit where credit is due. We’re all in this to forge the best course for 2021 for the sake of the millions who will be relying on these important pensions, funds, and managers. And the mantle of responsibility has rarely been more important.   

As you share your insights through this nomination process, feel to make more than one nomination. Our list will be released later this year.

Begin your nomination here: