LDI in 2011: A Faustian Bargain?

From aiCIO Magazine's Summer Issue: CEOs are demanding that their pension funds be de-risked to avoid large contribution surprises, yet de-risking means lowering equity exposure when underfunded pensions need equity-like returns. 

Your Largest Unmanaged Exposure

From aiCIO Magazine's Summer Issue: The problem with currency exposure and its potentially disastrous effect on portfolio valuations lies as much with the way chief investment officers and their Boards think about the problem—the “grammar used to define currency risk. 

Norway’s SWF Bullish on Europe

Norway’s $570 billion sovereign wealth fund Norges Bank Investment Management is “very positive” about the long-term outlook for Europe despite fear over the growing debt crisis.


On the day that CIO Jeff Scott has announced his resignation from the Alaska Permanent Fund, aiCIO magazine offers a sneak peak at how the oil-rich state is leading the way toward a new method of asset allocation – and how it has brought in some of the world’s most powerful money managers to do its bidding. Joe Flood reports.