UN Pension Fund Launches Global Search for New CIO

Female candidates strongly encouraged.

The United Nations is issuing a global search for a new CIO to lead its pension fund.

The $50 billion-plus fund, known as the United Nations Joint Staff Pension Fund, has set forth the following requirements for candidates:

  • More than 20 years of proven progressively responsible experience in the management of economic, social security, and/or financial policies and activities for governmental or intergovernmental organizations or for substantial private concerns.
  • A proven track record of extensive relevant experience in the management of investment of complex portfolios of assets of various classes, such as pension funds, including their risk management, and in financial markets.
  • Demonstrated direct knowledge of and experience in managing financial, economic, and investment policies, including:
    (a) Defining and overseeing investment policy for substantial and diversified investment portfolios having long-term return objectives, including policies for investment objectives, risk appetite, and tolerance, the risk framework, the investment milieu, restrictions on investments, and social responsibility considerations;
    (b) Developing strategic asset allocation for portfolios aiming for long-term rates of return, particularly for defined-benefit pension or other similar long-term social security and similar benefit schemes where long-term asset-liability management considerations are paramount;
    (c) Developing, implementing and monitoring investment strategies and overseeing research on economic and other trends affecting financial markets;
    (d) Managing interdisciplinary and internationally diverse teams of financial professionals;
    (e) Reporting to and coordinating with governing organs (e.g., legislative bodies, boards, and committees) on investment, financial, and/or technical matters.

In addition, there will be a human rights screening for the position as well as the completion of a pre-appointment declaration of any conflicts of interests.

Applicants from anywhere in the world may apply by sending a cover letter and CV to the Secretariat of the United Nations at eosgapplications20178@un.org by August 28, 2017.

Female candidates are strongly encouraged to apply.

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