2020 Liability-Driven Investment Survey

Vendor Details

Dodge & Cox

Summary of Offering

Within the context of a client’s liability-driven target duration, Dodge & Cox constructs and manages a high average quality, diversified portfolio of securities that are selected through bottom-up, fundamental research, with the goal of producing above-benchmark returns over a three-to-five year time period. Dodge & Cox understands that for liability hedging mandates, mitigating funded status volatility can be an equal (or higher) priority than excess return. As such, Dodge & Cox’s strategy emphasizes durability of excess returns as well as lower absolute and relative volatility.

Client Restrictions: $100 million minimum (Subject to the understanding of the mandate and key guideline parameters)

Business Summary (as of 06/30/2020)

Total LDI clients 50
Total LDI mandates 55
Total LDI assets under management ($USD) $33,802MM

Regions With Active Mandates

Continental Europe and Republic of Ireland
All other locations

Client Satisfaction

# of ratings/responses received 11

Satisfaction with Overall Offering

5 = Extremely satisfied 55%
4 36%
3 9%
2 0%
1 = Unsatisfied 0%

Average Satisfaction Scores by Category

Responsiveness to inquiries 4.27
Ability to meet risk management objectives 4.27
Provides new ideas and solutions 3.90
Is proactive and shares knowledge 4.10
Access to investment team 4.27
Timely/detailed status attribution 4.00
Performance report 4.30
NR = “Not Reported”
1 12 13 14 15 16 25