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October 8, 2020
Last Day to Register for CIO Summit: 2020 Vision for the Road Ahead

Leading CIOs and thought leaders to give their insights on the Covid-19 economy Oct 13-16.  

Registration is about to close in about a day – noon Friday EDT, to the virtual CIO Summit of 2020, featuring lessons learned in this Covid-19 market for CIOs worldwide. This year, a number of CIOs have agreed to share their sage advice for the sake of the other CIOs in the community, including: , including Chris Ailman, Doug Brown, Sanjay Chawla, Robin Diamonte, Gary Draghi, Mark Fawcett, Anne-Marie Fink,  Marcus Frampton, Jim Grossman, David Holmgren, Walter Kress, Juan Martinez, Sam Masoudi, Charmel Maynard, Cliff Moore, Molly Murphy, Brian Pellegrino, Ash Williams, and Joel Wittenberg, as well as rising star allocators Kelli Washington and Brandon Gill. The four-day agenda is packed with topics covering everything from alpha vs. beta, to emerging markets, value investing, strategic partnerships, the healthcare economy, and ESG debates.

Special Guest Kush M Parmar, M.D., Ph.D., Managing Partner, 5AM Ventures, will join us to discuss the intersection between finance and health care in a special interview with Consultant of the Year Nolan Bean, from FEG.

The summit will also feature a special headhunter panel with David Barrett, Deb Brown and Renee Neri for CIOs to gain insight for their careers.  

During the online event, we’ll be taking live questions.

Please register here today:

Join your fellow CIOs to ask questions, learn and explore for the road ahead.

Hope to see you there!

The CIO Editorial Team

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