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Wednesday, June 15th, 2022
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Risk Management
A newsletter for institutional investors, focusing on the ever-present subject of risk management.
Should We Even Care If the Yield Curve Inverts?
It’s a classic recession portent. But inversion’s predictive record is spotty.
Unease About Continued High Inflation Dogs the Market
A higher May CPI is not good news for the markets.
There’s a Better Way to Harness Risk Parity Strategies, Says NISA
Leverage can distort managers’ results, making them look better than they are, its study charges.
Why Bother With Market Forecasts If They Usually Are Wrong?
These auguries of where stocks may be headed serve a purpose, say market savants.
Once a Liability, Corporate Pension Plans Start Turning a Surplus for Many Companies
But that doesn’t mean corporations will reopen closed plans.
What Worries CIOs Most? Inflation and Valuations
CaseyQuirk’s Sentiment Survey shows allocators are hustling to beat higher prices with private investments.
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