US Pension Deficits Near Record High

A new study by consulting firm Mercer shows US pension deficits have reached a record high, revealing a downturn in pension health that erases gains achieved since January 2009.

Despite BP's Hopes for SWF Backing, Abu Dhabi Is Hesitant

BP Chief Executive Tony Hayward’s tour of the Gulf last week increased speculation that the company is looking for investment from sovereign wealth funds (SWFs) and other state entities in the region, yet Abu Dhabi is reluctant to invest in the company, a report said.

Survey: Pensions Dive Into Alternatives

Allocations to alternative assets -- specifically to commodities and infrastructure -- have continued to rise and now account for 17% of all pension fund assets globally, up from 6% ten years ago, Towers Watson research reveals.

Puerto Rico's Pension Funding Ratio Falls Below 10%

Hector Mayol, the system’s Administrator, notes that required benefit payments are eating into investable capital, but that the Commonwealth’s Governor is now setting his sights on the pension problem.

Study Finds Canada the Innocent Bystander Amid Turbulent Markets

A report analyzing the market's reactions to investments by sovereign wealth funds, with approximately $3 trillion in assets in 2008 and a projected $15 trillion by 2015, finds that wealth fund injections in the US have unintended consequences.

BP Hopes for SWF Backing

The oil giant is approaching sovereign wealth funds in the Middle East and Asia to defend itself against takeover bids.

CalSTRS to Boost RE Investments

The second largest public pension fund in the US has acquired $216 million worth of property in Q1, further indication that the real estate market is slowly recovering following the global economic crisis.