Sam Kunz Thinks Overconfidence Plagues the Industry

From aiCIO Magazine's Winter 2011 Issue: Kunz, head of the Chicago Policeman's Annuity and Benefit Plan, spoke with aiCIO about international pension differences, mushroom hunting, and overconfidence.

Consultant Corner: In Asset Management, Does Size Matter?

From aiCIO Magazine's Winter 2011 Issue: Is the focus—and sometimes obsession—on assets under management when judging and predicting performance often erroneous thinking, reflective of a lack of logic? Many consultants think so. 

Is Transparency Killing San Diego?

From aiCIO Magazine's Winter 2011 Issue: Is it the San Diego Country Employees Retirement Association's attempts at good governance, and not poor investment decisions, that are causing its problems?

Not Livingston's Africa

From aiCIO Magazine's Winter 2011 Issue: When foreign investors are looking to a new asset class, they do like to see that local investors are already there. However, for African private equity, this is not necessarily the case.

Infrastructure—or Imprudent?

From aiCIO Magazine's Winter 2011 Issue: Are governments coercing funds to invest, or are such funds investing on their own volition—and with their own profit in mind?

Lessons for Defined…Bentribution

From aiCIO Magazine's Winter 2011 Issue: With volatile markets and interest rate lows, older workers who participate in 401(k) or other defined contribution plans have watched their portfolios stagnate and gyrate.

Poll: Amid Challenges, Private Equity Investors Are Cautious

Private equity investors foresee major challenges for the industry over the next few years and are cautious about investing too heavily in the asset class, according to Coller Capital's latest Global Private Equity Barometer.