CalSTRS Seeks Risk-Based Allocation Approach, Lower Return Forecast

The $132 billion pension fund’s governing board will discuss implementing a radical new asset allocation that will divvy up the scheme's assets based on their characteristics - like sensitivity to inflation, stable return, or growth - rather than equity or debt.

Ireland Urged to Use Pension for 'US-Style Stimulus'

Glas Securities has said that Ireland's National Pensions Reserve Fund (NPRF), created in 2001 to pay for future pension liabilities, should consider using its state pension fund to hedge against the impact of a planned budget squeeze.

PIMCo's El-Erian Warns of the 'New Normal', Says Fed's Moves Could Spur Inflation

Mohamed El-Erian, CEO of the Pacific Investment Management Co. (PIMCo), who popularized the phrase "new normal" to describe how growth will be depressed by consumer retrenchment and tighter financial regulation, says the Fed's purchase of Treasuries will lead to faster global inflation while failing to revive US economic growth.

Seeking Liquidity, Harvard Ups Cash Allocation to $1 Billion

The oldest and richest college in the US has released its annual report saying that following the financial crisis that left endowments around the country struggling to run their campuses, it has boosted its holdings of cash, US Treasuries, and other easy-to-sell assets.

New Jersey to Boost Cap on Alts to 38%; Negotiating Fee Cut

New Jersey State Investment Council is planning to boost its alternatives target to 38%, while the state's pension fund for teachers and government workers is negotiating reductions in fees and expenses for private investment managers.