Allan Martin

Allan Martin has been with NEPC since 2000, and leads consulting activities for the Western region of the US. He is also a member of the NEPC Executive Committee and the International Equity Advisory Group. Prior to joining NEPC, Allan worked at Bankers Trust Company in New York, for 26 years in various investment management, consulting, and trustee/master custody capacities. “I have been interested in pension funds all my life,” he tells CIO.

“The challenge now for investors and consultants is that we have to remind ourselves that assets are more scrutinized and contentious than ever before,” he says, noting that consultants often haven’t been prepared to deal with a greater public focus on the activities of retirement plans—a reality which he views as the new normal. “Consultants have to act in the best interest of their clients and ensure that the right decisions are being made with more and more competing voices arguing over what those right decisions are.”

Looking ahead, he thinks retirement security will be the next key issue for investors and consultants to contend with. As more of the retirement industry moves toward defined contribution plans ensuring that individuals don’t outlive their retirement savings will be difficult. “There has unfortunately been a diminished interest in defined benefit plans in the US,” he explains. “Defined benefit plans offer the most stable retirement income, but as the industry changes, we will have to be there to help our clients find the next best solution.”

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