2018 Asset Management & Servicing Winners


Fixed Income

DoubleLine Winner
DoubleLine's view of the fixed income market is a must-follow for investors and Wall Street elites. That analysis has become even more important in a rising rates environment as investors wrestle with how to effectively position their portfolios for the new normal. DoubleLine funds are designed to help investors by offering dynamic strategies that invest for where the market is headed, instead of where it was.

While Jeffery Gundlach remains the public face of DoubleLine, the firm has a diverse team of industry veterans and rising stars. DoubleLine funds routinely stand out in their categories for performance and cost-efficiency.

DoubleLine is recognized for its ability to be in an ongoing conversation with markets and investors about the state of play – often pushing new ideas forward backed by deep analysis and nd for creating a suite of products that enable investors to craft an outcomes-oriented fixed income portfolio that can stand up to market volatility. DoubleLine’s rigorous process combines solid securities selection with a dynamic view of the market and a willingness to be tactical as the trading environment shifts.

Fixed Income/Credit Finalists


• Owl Rock Capital


• Wells Fargo