Chief Investment Officer’s ninth annual list of the world’s most influential investment consultants and advisers.

Warren Buffet quotes are often memorable, especially when he talks about our industry. “There’s been far, far, far more money made by people in Wall Street through salesmanship abilities than through investment abilities. There are a few people out there that are going to have an outstanding investment record, but very few of them. And the people you pay to help identify them don’t know how to identify them; they do know how to sell you,” said Buffet.

At CIO, our goal, as always, is not to present a list of salespeople. It’s to present a list of top performers, or the top knowledge brokers in the industry, recommended by your CIO peers.

Each year, we ask a varied group of respected chief investment officers and allocators which consultants and advisers have “done right by them” for the current markets.

Hindsight is always 2020; quite appropriate this year. So, we began asking our CIOs after COVID-19’s March threshing had passed and the Q2 results were in. We wanted to give our CIOs as much time as possible to separate the wheat from the chaff in order to distill the good advice from the bad.

Here are their choices of top consultants and advisors, for 2020.