2022 Asset Management & Servicing Winners

Multi-Strategy Investing

TOBAM Winner

TOBAM puts a premium of diversification. While the most common way for investors to obtain beta exposure is through market cap-weighting , the French firm is wary of this, as it may lead to allocation inefficiencies. In fact, it calls its approach the “anti-benchmark strategy.” And TOBAM does so with sustainability in mind. The organization also prides itself on its long-term orientation.

TOBAM has a large toolbox of optimized hedging techniques adjustable to different client risk budgets and regulatory requirements. Its methods help to build option-based overlays catering for clients’ constraints (example: insurer capital requirements, funding constraints or tight risk budgets) to limit their downside risk while participating at least partially in the equity risk premium. Plus the company carried out a complete overhaul of its website to simplify client navigation.


• LGIM America

• Capital Group