Class of 2023 NextGens

Already leaders in their organizations, these rising stars stand to become chief investment officers themselves.

Chief Investment Officer’s 2023 NextGens are allocators who stand to become chief investment officers themselves someday. They are known for their virtuous mixture of financial knowledge, interpersonal skills and forward thinking. They have a knack for seeing around corners and are already leaders in their organizations and their communities.

Each year, we at CIO ask for nominations for the brightest up-and-comers from the universe of public pensions, corporate pensions, endowments, foundations, sovereign wealth funds and any other categories of institutional asset allocators. For those not nominated by their CIOs, we ask their CIOs to endorse them. We then give each nominee a set of questions, the answers to which help reveal their personalities and their approach to investing and markets. Their responses, which you can read on their profiles, offer glimpses into how these individuals think about investing, markets and the industry and why they are leaders.

The 2023 NextGens share their thoughts on dealing with rising interest rates and inflation; increasing diversity in the industry; mitigating drawdown risk; and more.—CIO Editorial Team

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