CalSTRS Plans to Redefine ‘Diverse Managers’ and ‘Emerging Managers,’ in Accordance With New California Law

The investment committee will vote on whether to approve the recommendation at tomorrow’s board meeting.

The California State Teachers’ Retirement System is now planning to formally define the term “diverse manager” and adjust their definition of “emerging manager.” Though the two categories overlap, they are not identical.

The term “emerging manager” is based on the following criteria, according to CalSTRS: “the amount of assets under management; fund lifecycle of funds; firm legal structure; non-employee ownership percentage; and other various factors including track record, private placement memorandum.”

The term “diverse manager” will refer exclusively to the diversity of the firm’s ownership. The term will be defined in a tiered way such that if a firm is 25% to 49% owned by women, ethnic minorities, and/or LGBTQ individuals, it will be labeled as “substantially diverse.” A firm would be labeled as “majority diverse” if it is more than 50% owned by women, ethnic minorities, and/or LGBTQ people. Ethnic minorities include all non-white groups listed on the census.

Many underrepresented groups are not included in this definition, including people with disabilities, people of low socioeconomic background, and religious minorities.

The new definitions were created to comply with the recently passed California law AB 890. Should the investment committee approve the new definitions, the staff will proceed with the next steps of implementation. In order to comply with AB 890, the definitions must be finalized by March 1, 2023.

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