Real Estate Allocation within the DC Life Cycle: A Dynamic Approach

This webinar will review findings of a recent DCREC whitepaper “Real Estate Allocation Within the DC Lifecycle: A Dynamic Approach.” The study builds upon the foundational whitepaper that made the “Case for Real Estate” in 2014, through analyzing three approaches to the role that real estate can play in the defined contribution (DC) accumulation lifecycle, specifically considering:

– Deterministic Asset Allocation Strategies (target-date and balance designs);
– Dynamic Asset Allocation Strategies (dynamic lifecycle funds); and
– Sub-Allocation Strategies (varying exposures to public and private real estate over time)

Find LDI Opportunities in Today’s Witches’ Brew

Uncertainty around the policy path of President-elect Trump, coupled with a changing interest rate landscape and rising PBGC premiums create a challenging environment for plan sponsors. The presenters will address how real these issues are and how sponsors should move forward based on their analysis and client dialogue. There may be a light at the end of the tunnel.

Sustainable Investing For Your DC Plan

Are you aware that you can allow your participants to make a positive social and/or environmental impact through your DC plan? We refer to this approach as Sustainable Investing which can allow investors to make a positive impact without sacrificing competitive potential performance opportunity.