Korean Pension to Invest in US Real Estate

South Korea's National Pension Service has committed to invest $300 million in troubled North American real estate through Townsend Group, the latest sign that foreign investors are delving into US property in hopes of steady return and rebounding markets.

Research Reveals €1.9 Trillion European Pensions Gap

A new survey by Aviva, the UK’s second-biggest insurer, has found that the pensions gap in Europe is equivalent to 19% of the European Union’s 2010 GDP, providing evidence that unless individuals increase their saving for retirement the majority will face a seriously reduced standard of living.

SEC Delves Into High-Frequency Trading Restrictions

In a speech that comes just before the SEC's report on the "flash crash," the regulator's chairman provided an early indication of how her agency wants to construct a more scrutinized derivatives market.

DB Pension Deficits Have Worldwide Impact, Mercer Says

The consultancy group Mercer has revealed that accounting measures of the liabilities of defined benefit (DB) schemes in most developed economies have seen marked increases in liabilities due to declining corporate bond yields.