2021 CIO Virtual: Inside the Minds of CIOs

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Ramifications of a Possible K-Shaped Economy

For nearly a year, chief investment officers have been asking us for content pertaining to a possible K-shaped recovery. Our economy, with the slowdown of business in travel, entertainment, hospitality and food services, and the boom in technology, retail and software services, is bifurcating. Food pantry lines are lengthening as the stock market surges upward. Lower-wage workers are suffering the most, while saving the least. Was the fiscal stimulus enough? How dependent will we be, going forward? And is the Fed’s rushing in hurting or bolstering market rallies, credit opportunities and return targets? The pandemic has created scores of questions. We’ll be diving into CIOs’ analysis and projections as we plan one of our most important thinktank days to come. Join us in navigating the changing landscape.

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