2019 Asset Management & Servicing Winners


Corporate Strategies

NISA Investment Advisors Winner
With interest rates what they have been, NISA Investment Advisors is seeing an incredible amount of inflows, up $45 billion in two years, as CIOs use the firm for tail risk hedging, to de-risk their portfolios, and to navigate liability-driven investing. NISA is recognized for its use of derivatives and its top-performing strategies, (the NISA 15+ STRIPS Fixed Income Composite, which returned 32.86% net return for year ending Sept. 30).

The firm manages $221 billion in physical assets, of which 95% are fixed income portfolios comprised mostly of US Treasury and investment-grade credit securities and an additional $141 billion in derivative notional value in separate account overlay portfolios. Its quantitative analysis on long-term treasuries is managed for each client’s risk tolerance. The firm is 100% employee owned with 275 people, approximately one-quarter of whom have a participation interest in the firm.

Corporate Strategies Finalists

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