2019 Asset Management & Servicing Winners


Transition Management

BlackRock Winner
BlackRock is the highest rated among our nominees for transition management client satisfaction. Many have exited the TM industry in recent years, but mighty BlackRock, one of the world’s largest asset managers, has stayed on. And that has been a good thing for institutional investors who wish to shift their asset allocation strategy.

The company has a long record performing this vital service. Since 1995, BlackRock has been aiding clients in re-doing allocations and implementing new investment strategies. Its goal is to manage transitions with cost effectiveness in mind, as well as minimal disruption to portfolios.

BlackRock manages four dimensions of risk throughout a transition: exposure, execution, process, and operational risk. The firm boasts a culture of risk awareness and innovative risk management reporting tools to support a global team of dedicated risk professionals. As BlackRock says, “When we take risk, we make sure it is deliberate, diversified and appropriately scaled for each portfolio.”

Scale matters. BlackRock has a global team of more than 50 investment professionals who work closely with clients and consultants, in an effort to deliver strategies aimed at preserving portfolio assets throughout the transition process.

With more than 60 offices in 30 nations, BlackRock has a strong presence across the industry. Its access to liquidity may bring lower transaction costs for clients. The company is dedicated to maintaining confidentiality during the transition period and works hard at reducing information leakage risk.

In an era of low (and in some places, negative) interest rates and expensively valued equity, BlackRock maintains that its depth and breadth will serve clients well, now and into the future.

Transition Management Finalists

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