2019 Asset Management & Servicing Winners



Breckinridge Capital Advisors, Inc. Winner
This category was judged by the Climate research team at ISS, parent company of CIO. In their review, they foundBreckinridge Capital Advisors, Inc. to demonstrate the “most outstanding approach on ESG and Climate integration” into its investment strategy. Judges’ notes: “The asset management firm is fully dedicated to fixed income (FI) investment and integrates ESG, Climate and issuer engagement” in investment research. The judges noted “outstanding performance in ESG integration on various topics and pillars in the FI asset class. It is also a key driver of advocating for ESG/Climate/Engagement in the market, among peers, AO, invested companies, regulators and administrations, and finally internally.”

Founded in 1993 by President Peter Coffin, the firm has $40 b AUM as of November 30, and is independently owned with shares currently divided among current and former employees and members of the firm’s board of directors. Breckinridge’s ESG integration methodology combines a quantitative assessment of ESG factors alongside a rigorous review of qualitative ESG considerations to derive a composite sustainability rating. The quant frameworks integrate external data from a range of respected non-profit organizations, governmental agencies and sustainability ratings providers with internal financial and ESG analysis. Qualitative assessments are based on internal analysis and risk factors and include engagement discussions with issuers.

ESG Finalists

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