2021 Asset Management & Servicing Winners

Liability-Driven Investing (LDI)

NISA Investment Advisors Winner

Liability-driven investing (LDI) seeks to match a pension plan’s assets with its obligations, often by de-risking its portfolio. In pursuing that goal for its deep base of large institutional clients, NISA Investment Advisors looks for relative value credit trading opportunities by focusing on specified maturity and sector buckets. In addition, NISA dedicates itself to offering superior client service and works with clients/consultants on custom liability-driven assignments, which are designed to hedge the interest rate as well as spread sensitivity of the liability.

The hallmark of its portfolio management approach is a risk-controlled, low tracking error strategy versus the chosen benchmark which employs small, diversified, and active positions, and defensive credit research that seeks to identify issuers that could potentially present asymmetric risk vis-à-vis the liability. Founded in 1994, the firm now manages $491 billion in assets.


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